Legionella Risk Assessments

Our customers appreciate the attention to detail our site specific reports give, as opposed to  generic reports normally associated with data input via PDA electronic devices.

Waterserve Legionella risk assessments are supplied as hard copy bound into A4 hard back folders or digitally in the form of an interactive CD-ROM using Adobe PDF.

The digital version gives quick and easy access to all sections of the report and allows  for the distribution to managers and staff for comment, as required under paragraph 17 of L8 where:

"This includes changes to the work that may affect their health and safety at work, arrangements for getting competent help, information on the risks and controls, and the planning of health and safety training."

Waterserve principles of Legionella risk assessment

  • The Waterserve risk assessment process includes detailed inspection of the water systems and audit of site management procedures and records.
  • Waterserve recommends precautionary measures to reduce the risk by breaking the causative chain.
  • Waterserve assesses the risk based on the principle RISK  = HAZARD x EXPOSURE, where the hazard is the Legionella bacteria and the likelihood of the hazard being present is based on the condition of the water supply used. Exposure is based on the potential for a system to promote the multiplication of Legionella bacteria and produce an aerosol in the vicinity of site personnel or is allowed to drift into the wider population.

Get your priorities right

A comprehensive document is produced which includes detailed scrutiny of Legionella management system and site specific equipment and system survey data. Which includes condition and technical observations, photographs, risk rating and recommendations to reduce the risk.  Options include Legionella and microbiological analysis with/without AutoCad™ schematic drawings.

What do we have to do to comply

Having collected the survey data and produced a system risk rating, Waterserve will detail recommended precautionary measures to reduce the overall risk.  This would include management responsibilities, staff training requirements, paperwork record systems as well as system maintenance, refurbishment and routine water quality monitoring and inspection programmes.

All recommendations are prioritised on the basis of their cost effectiveness on the overall risk rating so that subsequent completion of that action produces the maximum risk reduction. 

Emphasis is placed on providing guidance and practical solutions. Because we understand the increasing pressure on budgets, our system of action prioritisation will ensure that money spent on high priority actions will produce the maximum benefit in terms of risk reduction.

Up-to-date and current action plan

The document will become out of date as soon as recommendations are carried out and signed off.  With the Waterserve system, the recommendations are produced in tabular form with the facility to detail to whom each action has been assigned and to subsequently sign off each action as it is completed providing the all important audit trail. 

The assessment document therefore becomes an action plan, as required by the Health and Safety Executive, and if kept up-to-date remains current, saving site management time and resources.

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